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  Heavy Duty Swinging Traffic Door


This multi-purpose lightweight door is tough enough to take the abuse of personnel, stock carts and motorized pallet jacks.  The door panels are constructed with 1/8” thick rotationally molded cross-linked polyethylene outer shell and foamed-in-place Non-CFC urethane foam core.  The panels are corrosion resistant, making it ideal for wash down applications as it has no gaps or joint seams.   The door comes standard with 24” black bumpers on both sides of the door.  Double acting V-cam hinging system operates smoothly and is virtually maintenance free with its permanently lubricated needle bearing roller assembly.  There is a 1/8” thick polycarbonate window with black aluminum frame is recessed a minimum of 1/8” from the face of the panel to protect the window’s surface from abrasion caused by passing loads, making the panels 1 7/8" thick..

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Heavy Duty Swinging Traffic Door

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HDSW-37 Photo Gallery Single Door Panel 3'x7' 73
HDSW-57 Photo Gallery Double Door Panel 5'x7' 128
HDSW-58 Photo Gallery Double Door Panel 5'x8' 140
HDSW-67 Photo Gallery Double Door Panel 6'x7' 145
HDSW-68 Photo Gallery Double Door Panel 6'x8' 160
HDSW-88 Photo Gallery Double Door Panel 8'x8' 200

  Light Duty Swinging Traffic Door


These Light Duty Traffic Doors are constructed with rotationally molded cross-linked polyethylene, making them extremely durable and capable of withstanding the wear and tear associated with sales-to-back room and walk-in cooler openings in high volume retail establishments. Known for their long-term value, they are ideal for use in supermarkets, retail establishments, institutions, restaurants and food service operations as they provide a visual separation, sound barrier and thermal separation. The door is designed to comply with all USDA sanitation requirements and is NSF approved. The corrosion resistant panel is ideal for wash down applications as it has no gaps or joint seams.  The total width of the light duty traffic doors are 1 1/2" thick.

Light Duty Traffic Doors
Model Description Size
LDSW-37 Single Door Panel 3'x7' 71
LDSW-57 Double Door Panel 5'x7' 120
LDSW-58 Double Door Panel 5'x8' 136
LDSW-67 Double Door Panel 6'x7' 142
LDSW-68 Double Door Panel 6'x8' 164
LDSW-88 Double Door Panel 8'x8' 188

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